February Hat explained

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I was asked to go into more detail about the "February Hat" I made. First, the picture.

February Sweater's hat

Inspired by teeweewonder's baby beanie (Ravelry link), I made this hat to go with the February Baby Sweater I made. It's Elizabeth Zimmerman's sweater on two needles.

I started CO 70 stitches, which made seven lace pattern repeats. I started with four ridges of garter stitch, then switched to the gull lace pattern from the sweater. After a total of about five inches, I decreased using a vertical double decrease (sl2tog knitwise, k1, psso) within every other repeat to continue the lace in pattern as far as possible. Specifically...

Round 1: vertical double decrease in the center of every other repeat. It's on an all-knit round so that's easier to do the decreasing.

Round 2: work without decreasing. I did the regular pattern for the repeats where I hadn't decreased and k2tog yo k1 yo k2tog in the other repeats where there were only five stitches to work with.

Round 3: (all knit round) I did another set of vertical double decreases in the center of the five-stitch repeats to make them only three stitches each.

Round 4: I did the regular stitches in the big repeats and a vertical double decrease in the smaller ones to make them just one stitch each.

Round 5+: I started the same procedure in the bigger repeats, eventually getting them down to one stitch each. Then one round of k2tog to get down to half the stitches, then close up the hat.

Let me know if anything doesn't make sense or is incorrect. I hope you find this helpful!


I love love love the monkey!

Thanks for the kind comments about the Silver Belle. I love your baby knits.


When you say k3tog for the popcorn stitch, don't you mean p3tog? I misread the pattern at first and did k3tog and had to rip out the whole thing and start over doing p3tog which I think is correct. Am I right?

I'm starting on the February Sweater, and found your hat mentioned on Ravelry. It's perfect, and saves me the trouble! One question: I haven't started the lace pattern on the sweater yet, but I see that it has a 7-stitch repeat. So when you cast on 70 sts, you should have 10 repeats, not 7 as stated, right? Am I missing something? I'm sure it'll all make sense once I get going on it, but I thought I would check with you just in case.
Thanks for sharing your pattern! Angie :)

What excitement! I'm thrilled I was able to inspire you and absolutely love your beanie! :)

Hi Lauren. Thank you SO MUCH for these instructions. I'm just starting a hat now a notice one wee little mistake. You wrote:

"I started CO 70 stitches, which made seven lace pattern repeats"

But the lace pattern is 7 stitches, so that makes for 10 repeats, right?

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