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Whoorl and moosh are sponsoring a contest. You may have seen Whoorl on Nightline? She helps people find new hairstyles by having the internet vote on two choices she's picked. Anyhow, the contest deal is to post a bad-hair picture of yourself, a good-hair picture, and a picture of "where your hair stands today." The prize? You get moved to the top of Whoorl's queue and money for a fancy haircut.

Here goes... I'm terribly embarrassed of this first picture. It's my freshman yearbook picture, circa 1985. I'd like to think that this was a particularly bad hair day, with the flying wings and odd pieces everywhere, but I suspect I looked like this most of the time. I was growing it out and seem to have used a curling iron to make the best of things, but I obviously failed miserably. The tiny head and braces certainly don't help matters, but the hair is atrocious. The worst thing about the short hair was that in seventh grade I cut it all off, removing the only feminine attribute I had, so if I didn't at least try to style it, my hair fell completely flat and I looked like a boy (with bad hair).

ninth grade

This picture is my good hair day. This is about as good as my hair gets these days.


And here's what my hair looks like most days, when I don't blow it dry. Blown dry, it's closer to the good hair day, but when I don't have time, this is what we end up with.


I like the side-swept bangs, but the rest of my current style is functional, but not very interesting. I'd love to find a style that's easy and looks great (duh!). It's not quite the hairstyle I've had for most of my life, but only because it's shorter and has the longer bangs. See this from 1989


and this from 2004


The reason I keep coming back to the roughly shoulder-length, curled under style, is because when I go away from it, I get ninth grade, or this from 2001 (when I was very pregnant).

short hair


Here's hoping Whoorl can help!


I have the very same problem. Mine is short enough that the only thing I can do is wait it out or cut it shorter. Unfortunately the more I cut it, the more I continue to dislike it.

I think your hair looks pretty darn good on the not-blow-dried days, considering.

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